Distinctive. Milestone-Driven Search Process

Requirements Definition

Our distinctive, milestone-driven executive search process is led by our consultants and one that has become known as the signature engagement experience of clients who retain Preng & Associates.

Unlike other search firms that delegate the task of candidate identification to support staff, your search for management talent is—at all times, and on every single assignment—squarely in the hands of an exceptionally experienced principal consultant who is responsible, reachable and accountable for its eventual outcome from the start.

As trusted advisors to senior management, we are uniquely positioned to engage our clients in candid discussions with key stakeholders about organizational strategy, key objectives and the specific talent that is required to sustain and/or elevate performance. Our experience with similar assignments, industry knowledge and perspective as informed outside advisors enable us to assist in defining position requirements and consulting on existing market conditions and the competition for specific talent.

Our Preng & Associates team works with your team to capture the scope, duties and required personal leadership attributes that will preordain success within your executive leadership team. This important initial step in the process requires especially close communication and collaboration because the requirement definition is the currency through which we will channel your unique management opportunity and business proposition to the external leadership market.

The culmination of this step is the creation of a “co-authored,” detailed position specification which helps create interest in addition to being an effective marketing tool.  That document establishes guidelines for our prospective individual during the candidate identification process.