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Candidate Identification

To identify prospective candidates, Preng & Associates uses our 35 years of placements and knowledge to find the right candidate for your organization.  Together with past searches and relationships, a global network of contacts and our own original research, Preng & Associates is uniquely qualified for any placement your organization is seeking.

For over 35 years, Preng & Associates has places thousands of C-Level executives and upper management positions.  Through these placements we have developed relationships and knowledge in the industry that continues to provide insight and direction for our searches.

With our  global network of contacts, we are able to reach a broad range of contacts in the energy sector that both provide valuable sources and a better gauge of possible candidate requirements needed to contact a  proper search engagement.

With our research team, Preng & Associates will conduct our own original research.  Together with our Consultants and research department, we develop a unique game plan for your organization where a strategy is mapped out to fully understand our clients needs.  With those parameters, our research department will utilize possible candidates in our own system, or map out companies and organizations to find the perfect candidate.

Utilizing each one of these methods, and with constant communications between the Consultants and our team of researchers, Preng & Associates has been able to provide high quality candidates to our clients placement after placement, year after year, for over 35 years.