Confidential. When it Matters Most

Candidate Development

Once our research has identified a comprehensive list of prospects, we professionally approach these individuals to learn of their credentials and gauge, and or create their interest.

Before prospects become candidates, our Consultants conduct in-depth interviews to evaluate their qualifications, personal chemistry and compatibility with the defined requirements. Also, it is important our consultants identify, qualify, and quantify all issues that must be addressed to ensure acceptance.

Through the evaluation process, we develop and present a short list of the best candidates to our client. This is done via a written report detailing the candidate’s background, career achievements, assessment of fit, and a clear delineation of recruiting issues.

With Preng & Associates, you can be assured that our principal consultants are portraying your organization’s history, culture and unique business opportunities in a positive, accurate and genuine manner. The truth is, exceptional candidates gravitate to exceptional opportunities within companies that have established themselves as employers of choice. That is why our counsel about the proper messaging of your opportunity and the company is vital to the outcome of every search.

Because confidentiality is strictly maintained to protect the interests of both our client hiring organization and the senior management candidate, we reveal our client’s identity only to the most viable candidates at the most appropriate and opportune time. Our Preng & Associates search leader prepares a comprehensive report of our progress for review and discussion, and only the most highly qualified and genuinely interested candidates are recommended for interview with your company’s internal stakeholders.