Confidential. When it Matters Most

Acceptance & Transition

From the inception of every search assignment, our collaborative efforts are geared toward differentiating between the merely adequate management candidate and the exceptional individual that brings the right experience, culture fit and motivation to our client’s position requirements.

Once our client has interviewed and expressed interest in an individual, Preng & Associates conducts a diligent campaign to independently verify candidate background information and qualifications, including confidential outreach and correspondence with former employers and energy industry peers.

Once we have verified candidate qualifications, the selection of the final candidate rests with our client, but we stand ready—and especially well-versed—in helping structure the employment offer and negotiate terms, facilitate the individual’s transition into the new position and assist with relocation and other matters that are especially relevant at this point to successfully close the search.

Our assistance with the critical, final details promotes employment offer acceptance, avoids misunderstandings and helps to facilitate a smooth and timely transition. We also maintain contact with both our client and the placed executive to surface new challenges and accelerate the individual’s time to contribution.