Consent Form

For Personal Data Processing

The European Union recently implemented the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requiring companies who control or process personal and sensitive data about individuals to take certain steps to keep this data secure. It is Preng & Associates’ intent to comply with the GDPR.

In order for us to present your qualifications to a prospective employer, we will need to collect and store data about you which may be characterized as personal and sensitive under the GDPR.  For purposes of the GDPR, Personal Data is defined as data which can be used to identify you such as (but not limited to) name, date of birth, home address, personal telephone numbers, etc. Sensitive Data is defined as data related (but not limited) to race, ethnic origin, religion, union membership, health, police record.

To view the Preng & Associates Privacy Policy please follow this link PRIVACY POLICY LINK

To comply with the Regulation, we must also tell you how the data will be used and ask for your permission to do so.

Everything we gather from you will be treated confidentially and will be stored on an electronic server located in Houston, Texas, USA.  Only Preng & Associates employees have access to this data. As part of any selection process, if you agree, we will share your data with prospective employers so they may make an informed initial decision about your candidacy.  The shared data may be in the form of electronic or paper data. Any Personal or Sensitive data kept by Preng & Associates will be stored securely.

The Regulation requires we affirmatively obtain consent to store and share your Personal and Sensitive data. By completing the Consent signature boxes below, you tell Preng & Associates whether you give permission to store and share your Personal and Sensitive data as provided above or not.  This consent may be withheld or changed at any time by contacting our compliance office at

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