Investing International Resources To Identify Leaders

Consulting & Financial

It takes a myriad of resources to power today’s global energy companies. Whether it is IT, financial capital, human capital or the kind of expert advice that can help surface opportunities and signal potential threats, Preng & Associates understands how performance in the world’s energy markets demands excellence in consulting. That is why we have invested so many of our own international resources to identify leaders with a track record of consulting.

We recruit experienced consulting leaders with related expertise for companies that provide a variety of consulting resources to their client energy companies. These include senior consulting partners, vice presidents of business development, senior project managers, bankers, lawyers and other expert advisors.

Consulting firms have tremendous influence on the outcomes of major energy initiatives around the world, and with governance scrutiny continuing to mount, the financial, leadership and legal perspective they bring is more vital than ever before. We know them, the markets they serve and the assets they bring. Attached is a partial list of our placements.

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