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Our Process

Our mission is to help clients identify, qualify and attract exceptional energy leaders and critical talent who make a significant, and truly positive impact on corporate performance and shareholder value.

We accomplish this through our milestone-driven search process which is under constant leadership of one of our proven consultants. Our consultant’s experience with similar engagements, industry knowledge and understanding of candidate career cycles have allowed us to achieve the highest success rate in the industry.

Unlike other search firms that delegate the task of candidate identification to support staff, your search for talent is—at all times, and on every single assignment—squarely in the hands of an experienced principal consultant who is responsible, reachable and accountable for its eventual outcome from the start. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on the collaboration of our consultants. Our consultants are compensated with a bonus program that rewards collective performance. Therefore, with us, you get the total knowledge of the whole firm.

Step One: Clarify & Define Your Need

  • Conduct a thorough analysis of your organization, culture, goals, strategy, business structure, and issues
  • Identify attributes, key criteria, issues/barriers, and elements of success
  • Develop a comprehensive position specification that defines the scope, responsibilities, and leadership profile of the desired individual
  • Developed and agree on a selection plan and search strategy

Step Two: Identify & Develop Candidates

  • Conduct original research and map out target companies to identify prospective candidates
  • Source qualified candidates using past searches and relationships, our industry experience, and our global network of contacts
  • Conduct in-depth interviews to access capabilities and fit
  • Prepare detailed candidate reports which include work histories, candidates background, and career achievements, and fit
  • Facilitate client-candidate interviews and results
  • Continue screening, evaluating, and interviewing candidates until a finalist is selected
  • Conduct formal in-depth references and background checks
  • Coordinate unbiased third party assessments
  • Conduct internal Hogan Assessments

Step Three: Acceptance & Transition

  • Help structure employment offer and negotiate terms
  • Ensure acceptance
  • Assist in transition planning
  • Conduct quarterly and annual follow ups

We invest considerable time and effort to develop a thorough understanding of your organization’s unique leadership requirements, its culture and the growing challenges it faces in meeting the evolving demands of today’s global energy consumers.

We also bring you unrivaled experience, and a track record of objectivity and judgment, with executives who themselves bring deep expertise.

The true cost of a bad executive hire puts the search for energy leaders into clearer perspective. That is why our executive search methodology—together with our proven search consultants, broad industry network, extensive engagement history and commitment to ethical practices and consistent results—has proven valuable and ensures our clients’ success.