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Raj K. Gupta

Direct: 713-243-2601

Raj K. Gupta directs an independent management consulting practice and, since July 2007, has served as Chairman of Quetzal Energy, Inc., an independent Canadian oil and gas company. Also, Mr. Gupta is a Director of the Boards of Consol Energy and CNX Gas Corporation, both NYSE companies. From 2000 to December 2004, he served as a Member of the Board of Yukos Oil Company in Moscow, Russia. Mr. Gupta worked for 35 years and has held various management positions with Phillips Petroleum Company, an international integrated oil and gas company, now part of ConocoPhillips. While at Phillips, he served as Vice President of Strategic Planning managing the company’s strategic planning, growth, and globalization efforts in South America, China, the Middle East, and the former Soviet Union. Mr. Gupta also served as a Board Director of Phillips Petroleum Resources Ltd., a Canadian subsidiary, and as Vice President of Phillips Petroleum International Ventures Corporation. He also held numerous executive and managerial positions throughout the company in information technology and financial management, as well as headed up the North America Partnership Operations and Worldwide Development for the company’s Exploration and Production Group.

Mr. Gupta earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering with Honors from Birla Engineering College in India and a Master degree in Industrial Engineering and Management Science from Kansas State University. He holds the distinction of being named a 1958-1961 Prime Minister Nehru and Industrial & Scientific Research Scholar.